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Raising Chicks: Week 14

Your Chick Days chick should be 14 weeks old now!

Feed: We're still on the Start & Grow Medicated or Non-Medicated. Keep track of how much your chickens are eating. You'll need to switch food in about 4 weeks.

See our featured product over there? It's a ceramic egg. We're still a few weeks away from hens laying eggs, but if you start getting any hens laying eggs on the floor, place one of these eggs in their nest, so they are laying in an appropriate spot. If you have a golf ball around the house, you can try to put one of those in the nest as well - and it's free. If you do get the ceramic eggs, you may want to mark them with a permanent marker so that they don't get mixed up with real eggs. Another option is to get eggs that are not the color of the ones your hens will lay - they come in brown and white. Some hens destroy or eat their eggs. If you put these in the nest, they won't be able to, and that will train them to stop.

Featured Product: Happy Hen Treats Ceramic Nest Eggs Our ceramic eggs come in a pack of 2 and cost $5.99

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