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Pet Health

healthy dog
We offer non-prescription medications, all-natural and nutritional supplements, as well as a huge variety of pet supplies. Whether you’re looking for a specialty pet food or simply looking to keep your pets healthy, Horse N Hound is your one stop shop.


Arthritis and joint

Arthritis and joint supplements are important for pets suffering from joint discomfort. These supplements act as joint lubricants which can improve joint function and mobility. Not all pets are the same, which is why we carry top brands of joint supplements that are tailored to your pet's needs. 


Skin and coat supplements

We carry a wide variety of skin and coat supplements to keep your pet's skin and coat looking its best. 


Essential vitamins for your pets

Vitamins can be added to pet food or taken directly. Your pet’s health is important for leading a long healthy life. Your dog and cat might need to supplement their diet to ensure they’re getting the vitamins they need. Pet vitamins come in pet chew tabs, tablets, powder, and capsules. 


Nutritional supplements for your pets

Nutritional supplements help provide your pets with a happier, safer, and longer life. Supplements to help relieve stress and anxiety are available. 


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