Chick Days 2020

Chicks are arriving weekly through Chick Season. All scheduled chick arrivals are subject to timely hatching and shipping. Chicks should be available on or around the dates below.

Quantities of chicks available each week is limited. First come, first served.

We are working to get more chicks for late season! Please check back for updates and follow our Facebook page for late-breaking news on chicks that become available to us!

Which chicks are coming?

Friday, May 22nd

Ameraucana pullets

Rhode Island Red pullets

Barnevelder pullets

Welsummer pullets

Assorted Ducks

Friday, May 29th

Dominique pullets

Silver Wyandotte pullets

Ameraucana pullets

Gold Sex Link pullets

Amber Link pullets

Blue Australorp pullets


Rhode Island Red

Gold Sex Link



We cannot accept any more special orders at this time. The hatchery is sold out for the season.  

Which chicks should I get?

The breed of chick you choose depends upon your needs and what you want to accomplish. Here are a few characteristics that can help you decide.

Ameraucana - a breed popular for its blue and multi-colored eggs. However, they can be mean and aggressive coop mates.

Barred Rock - productive egg layer and family-friendly bird. Lays brown eggs.

Black Australorp - hardy and docile. Friendly birds that are good layers and popular as meat birds.  Lays brown eggs.

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte - friendly birds that make great pet chickens and produce a fair amount of light brown eggs.

Blue Plymouth Rock - sweet, calm, and docile birds that are very productive light brown egg layers.

Broiler - meat chickens specially bred to be fed-up and ready at 14 weeks.

Buff Orpington - very popular family-friendly chicken. Popular for meat and a fair amount of brown eggs.

Cochins - feature feathers on their feet. Friendly, quiet bird who lays a moderate amount of light brown eggs.

Cuckoo Maran - quiet and docile light layer of dark brown eggs.

Golden Sex Link - very productive brown egg layer. Can tend to be broody, but is usually friendly and flighty.

Production Red - very productive layer of large brown eggs. Some birds can tend to have mean personalities.

Rhode Island Red - very popular breed for brown eggs and meat. Hardy, but can be mean and aggressive over docile breeds.

Silkies (bantams) - small, calm birds who appear to have a pouf of hairy feathers on their head. Lays limited tinted cream eggs.

Speckled Sussex - alert, docile, friendly birds that lay a fair amount of brown eggs.

Turken - the naked-neck birds that look like a cross between a turkey and a chicken. Lays light brown eggs.

Welsummer - friendly, intelligent, and active dark brown egg layers.

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