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Raising Chicks: Week 13

Your Chick Days chick should be 13 weeks old now!

Feed: We're still on the Start & Grow Medicated or Non-Medicated.

Last week we featured the Hen Hydrator and this week we guide you to some great tutorials so you can make your own automatic waterer. Here is a great guide. As well as here. And if you are more of a video person, go here. This video is the one shown below as well. Don't forget to train your hens to drink from the waterer with a red laser or by tapping their beaks against the waterer.

Here you can see the whole project.

Each nipple can feed up to 4 chickens. Notice the stopper at the end of the pipe. This waterer keeps the yard much drier and allows the water to be cleaner. No more cleaning up the dirty, muddy water. Plus, you can medicate - or give chickens vitamins and electrolytes - much easier and more accurately.

Inside the 5 gallon bucket is an automatic float. If you want to install one of those, they are very helpful. If not, you can simply fill up the bucket using a hose as needed. We have a selection of floats to choose from - let us know if you need any help picking one out.

We sell 4-packs of poultry nipples for $7.99. That should allow you to feed approximately 16 chickens.

A bonus photobombing chicken just for you:

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