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Raising Chicks: Week 12

Your Chick Days chick should be 12 weeks old now - can we just say 3 months?

Feed: We're still on the Start & Grow Medicated or Non-Medicated.

Now's a good time to start keeping track of how much feed you are buying and how often. In 6 to 8 weeks we'll be changing food to something for laying chickens and it's best not to overbuy. We sell 50, 25 and 5 pound bags of Start & Grow to help make the transition easier.

Chicks are now 12 weeks old and looking very adult. One of our customers just introduced her older brood to the younger one and had success. Some pecking, but nothing she couldn't break up. The key in these first meetings is to keep it short (a few hours) and monitor it. If you can do it at a time when you can stay outside - feeding time? watering? - that's the best route.

Featured product: Hen Hydrator If you are having problems keeping your hens hydrated without making a muddy mess, we have a great solution for you. This Hen Hydrator is $20.99 and hangs in your coop. The hens peck at the nipples and receive water. It's good for adult chickens. You have to teach them how to use it and hang it so they have to look up to use it. If they aren't interested, get a laser pointer - they're like cats!

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