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Raising Chicks: Week 10

If you purchased chicks at our Chick Days event, your chicks should be 10 weeks old now.

Temp: Whatever temp it is outside!

Feed: Start & Grow Medicated or Non-Medicated - because they are babies, you can free feed them. Fill up their feeders when they are empty. They won't overeat.

We discussed how to keep your chicks cool last week. Another idea: Cut up apples or peeled bananas then freeze them. Keep the chicks active with treats like these and they will be less likely to pick at themselves or at each other. Don't forget to dust your chickens so they don't get fleas and ticks. Need a reminder how to do it? Click here. Have you been handling your chickens? Try to pick them up and hold them. Get used to interacting with them and checking them out so if they get an injury catching them won't be a challenge. Featured product: Multi-wormer triple action Because your chickens are outside, they may have come in contact with pigeons. Because of that, they could get worms. $21.99 for a 1.25 lb. canister. Mix 1.25 lbs. with every 50 lbs. of feed.

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