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Buying Chicks?

Here's what you will need:

Sometimes people come in and buy chicks, but have no idea what is involved in raising them into healthy adult chickens. We do what we can to help them see that having chickens will cost more than just the price of a baby chick. We don't encourage people to buy just one chick (it'll be lonely and cry through the night - true story) and we encourage people to set up their brooders before they take a chick home. It's best to calculate the cost and make an informed decision than to get in over your head.

General equipment and supplies needed

  • Safe, clean, draft-free room or building

  • Heat lamps and/or brooder

  • Litter and/or shavings

  • Brooder guard

  • Feeders

  • Waterers

  • Sanitizing solution - for humans

  • Cleaning brushes

  • Rake

  • Pitchfork or shovel (for large areas)

  • 40-watt light blubs

  • High-quality, natural feed

  • Thermometer

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