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Chicks allowed in Las Cruces city limits!

We're happy to announce that it is now permitted to raise chickens within the city limits of Las Cruces. Here are some of the major guidelines:

1. Anyone wanting to have chickens or ducks and who lives within the city limits, must have a special permit to do so. No roosters or drakes are allowed generally.

2. Only six fowl may be allowed with the special permit – 6 chickens or 6 ducks or a combo adding up to 6 animals.

3. Special permits may be obtained from the Codes Enforcement Office and approved by the Chief of Codes James Chavez. There is a $10 application fee and $15 annual fee for the permit. Codes may be reached at 575-528-4100.

4. If a conflict arises between HOA rules and the City’s animal ordinance, the homeowner will have to take it up with the HOA as that is not within the scope of the City of Las Cruces.

Horse N Hound's chick days will take place April 2 to 4, 2015. We will have 6 pullets, plus a bag of feed for $20. Come by and we can answer any question you may have about getting started.

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