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Chick Days Are Here!

Today is the big day! We hope you've learned a lot about preparing to bring your birds home, and what you can expect in the coming months. Your brooder should be warmed up and ready to welcome its new residents!

The Chick Days special runs through Saturday, or while supplies last. The chicks are first come, first served. No reservations. The special package price does not apply to the Ameraucana or ducks.

The Birds:

  • Welsummer

  • Rhode Island Red

  • Buff Orpington

  • Barred Rock

  • Hatchery Choice

The Price:

  • $20 for 6 pullets or 10 straight run and a 50# sack of Purina Start N Grow

  • Regular price applies to select breeds

The Fun:

  • Prizes and giveaways for the kids

  • Turn in your rooster coloring page to the adult and kid coloring contest

  • Fun chicken merchandise

  • Raffles and prize drawings

As a review, here's a reminder of what you need to have on hand as the chicks come home. If you've forgotten anything, we're ready to help!

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