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Predators Don't Always Huff n Puff n Blow The Coop Down

Preparing for tiny chicks arrival is fun, but you also need to think ahead to the coop. You don't have 18 years to prepare for them to fly the coop. It's more like 18 weeks! As you build out your coop, it's interesting to think about the idea that it's not a pen to keep the chickens IN, but a shelter to keep the predators OUT!

Depending on where you live in town, the desert predators will vary. Coyotes are an obvious concern, as well as snakes or rats that may come for the eggs. Also consider dogs and cats - your own pets as well as neighborhood strays.

From commercial to homemade, there are many coop designs. Here are a few considerations for planning the architecture and placement:

  • Sturdiness of structure

  • No gaps or cracks in walls, door or floors

  • Bury wire under the dirt, parallel to the surface to prevent digging

  • Use a narrow wire that predators can't reach through

  • Cover the runs

  • Plant tall grass or shrubs nearby to hide from aerial predators

Alright, tomorrow's the big day! CHICK DAYS! C'mon down and pick out your chicks! Remember, the special is $20 for 6 pullets or 10 straight run and a 50# sack of Purina Start N Grow. We'll also have some giveaways for the kids, raffle drawings, and fun chicken merchandise. Don't forget to turn in your printed rooster homework from last week to enter the adult and kids coloring contest! Last chance to download and print the rooster!

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