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Thirsty Birds

Yesterday we talked about what to feed your chicks. All that pecking at Purina Start N Grow makes for thirsty birds.

Water is an obvious need, so today we have some tricks that can help you keep the water fresh at all times. Chicks are messy so you don't want them walking in or soiling the water. Hanging the waterer is a good option, but did you think about the need to raise the height as the birds grow? The waterers and feeders should be at the height of the chicks backs as they grow.

Come next winter, your birds will be grown and living in their coop. It's good to think about how you're going to warm the water for them so it doesn't freeze during our cold fronts.

If you're preparing your brooder this weekend, remember the store is open on Saturday from 8 - 6 so you can come by and pick up all your supplies. Your chicks will love their new home sweet home when they come to live with you next week!

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