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Many Little Beaks To Feed

One week until Chick Days! And there will be a little homework at the end of today's lesson. Well, the fun kind of homework!

With the birds coming home in a week, it's time to start thinking about feeding more beaks in the family. Our professional partners at Purina have done all the research to provide your birds with premium nutrition in Purina Start N Grow.

Watch today's video to learn about what to feed, recommendations on the temptation to feed treats and scraps, and the difference between medicated and non-medicated feed. The active drug ingredient in the medicated Start N Grow is .0125% Amprolium.

Plan on feeding Start N Grow for the first 18 weeks, and then switch to the Layena for your egg hens, whether they're free-range, confined, show, or ornamental. If you're raising meat birds, you can go with the Flock Raiser for the first 18 weeks, but still switch to Layena at 18 weeks.

What about turkeys? They and other game birds do well on Purina Game Bird & Turkey Startena for the first 11 weeks, then the Flock Raiser until 30 weeks, and finally the Layena.

What about organic feed? Purina has an organic starter-grower that contains no GMOs or antibiotics, and it's rich in antioxidants. Proper calcium supports strong bones, highly-digestible proteins support muscle development, and it comes in an easy to feed crumble. Like the regular starter feed schedule, you'll switch to the organic layer at 18 weeks. Just ask for organic feed when you come into the store.

Here's that little bit of homework. Click the rooster to download and print so that you or your kids can color it! Bring the drawing to Chick Days to turn in for the coloring contest! We'll have adult and kid prizes!

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