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Breed Decisions

Welcome back to Chicks 101. Today's lesson is about the breeds that we will have available during Chick Days. You may already have your favorite, or you're going to take your chances with the pretty one. But here's a little information about what you can expect.

We're going to have 2500 birds coming for Chick Days! Hundreds of each breed and about 1000 of the hatchery choice. Plus, ducks and Ameraucana! (They're regular price and not a part of the special.)

Welsummers - lay about 160 dark brown eggs per year. Buff Orpingtons - lay about 175 light-brown eggs per year.

Barred Rocks - dual-purpose breed kept for its meat and for its 200 large brown eggs per year.

Rhode Island Reds - dual-purpose breed kept for its rich meat and it plays 200–300 brown eggs per year.

Hatchery choice - a mixture of random bird breeds packed by the hatchery.

Ameraucana - these are the birds that lay the blue colored eggs. Birds are multiple color varieties.

Ducks - raised for show, pets, meats, eggs, and down.

Each has an interesting history and unique characteristics. Choose your favorite and we'll see you on Chick Days!

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