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Horse N Hound is happy to host the 3rd Annual PURINA BUCK$ program to reward you for your loyalty to Purina Horse Feed. For every 50 lb. bag of Purina Horse Feed purchased (excludes Country Acres and All Stock) during the November through January earning period, you will receive 100 PURINA BUCK$.

In January, you'll be invited to a PURINA BUCK$ Redemption Night where you'll be able to redeem your PURINA BUCK$ for a wide selection of gifts and products. Past gifts have included saddles, firearms, Yeti Coolers, Traeger Grills, gift certificates, and much more. It will be a great event, and you'll get dinner to boot!

All the details are coming together. For now, start collecting your PURINA BUCK$ on each trip into the store. Like we've done in the past, we'll hold on to your bucks in your own envelope which you'll get back at the Redemption Event. Start that envelope as soon as you can, so you'll have the maximum amount of bucks to spend at the event. Also, be on the lookout for special earning opportunities in order to increase your bucks!

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