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Make Halloween less scary for pets

Photo disclaimer: My pups are accustomed to this. I put a cute hat on them, take a pic and they are done. They get treats to reward them for their great behavior.

Costume safety

Going to dress your pup up for Halloween? Here are some tried and true tips from Good Housekeeping (October 2015)

Do a tolerance test

A new outfit might spook your dog or cat. If your pup is no stranger to the occasional sweater, he’ll likely be fine. As for your cat, do you clip her nails? Can you give her a pill? If so, then she’ll probably be okay.

Focus on fit

Just like collars, your costume should be loose enough around the neck that you can put 2 fingers into the neck hole – same goes for the belly. Your pet needs his eyes, ears and nose clear to feel safe and alert, so make sure they are exposed

Have a photo shoot

Most animals can tolerate a getup for two hours – maximum. Put the costume on, take a few pics, and then let your animal be free.

Think safety fur-st

Taking your dog door-to-door? Add a stripe of reflective tape to the side of his costume so he’ll stand out at night – especially if your pet has dark fur.

Halloween tips

  • Keep chocolate away from pets. Don’t let Fido get into your kid’s candy stash.

  • Make a safe room for your skittish pets. Turn on the TV or play music to create white noise so your pet doesn’t get upset about missing all the action. This will minimize their chances of bolting, hurting someone in a costume and getting scared by all the different visitors they encounter. Make sure they are tagged, in the off chance of an escape.

  • Keep pets indoors around Halloween. Some people commit awful Halloween pranks and hurt animals. Cats are at more risk than most other animals.

  • Use fake candles in pumpkins and other decorations. Don’t risk a burned nose – or house. Battery operated candles are easy to find and much safer.

  • Are you decorating? Make sure electrical cords are secured so people and animals don’t trip over them. Dogs love to chew on them.

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