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Raising Chicks: Week 8

Chick Days chicks are 8 weeks old!

If you purchased chicks at our Chick Days event, your chicks should be eight weeks old now. If you have some good photos of your chicks and want them to be featured, email them to us @

Temp: Put those chicks outside! It should be plenty warm for them at night. If they still huddle together, you can definitely put a light outside.

Feed: Start & Grow Medicated or Non-Medicated

This week: One of our experienced chick customers writes to tell us that her chicks are going outside and stretching out one wing and one leg. They haven't met the rest of the brood yet, but because they aren't the same size as the older ones, that's a good thing. She says, "They are starting to get their big girl voices, but they still peep most of the time." Questions? Let us know. There isn't too much going on with them for the next few weeks, but we'll keep sharing photos and look forward to hearing what is going on with your brood. Do you have some recommendations? We'd love to hear that, too.

Featured product: Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a great multi-use product. It's a non-pesticide way to rid your chickens of insects. The one we offer is food grade, so it is safe for them to ingest. You can use it internally (mix with their food) to deworm your chicks. You can also use it as one of a few ingredients to create a dust bath for your them. Mixing dirt, DE and peat moss at a ratio of 4:1:1 you can create the ultimate dust bath. It's best to dilute the DE so that you and your animals don't breathe it in. We recommend wearing a mask when you handle this product. A 4 lb. bag is $32.95 and will last you approximately 6 months.

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