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Hydration Hay ... again

We know we've already written a blog on Hydration Hay, but it's such an amazing product, we feel like you really need to know about it. This time, we brought videos!

If you didn't read that blog, let us break it down for you: Traveling? Bring hydration hay. Got a horse that won't drink: Get hydration hay. Colicky and won't drink: Hydration hay! Do you see a pattern? Get one of these hydration hay cubes, add water and it'll absorb more than beet pulp.

Innovative Hydration Hay® and How it Works - Dr. Mary Beth Gordon

A Purina® Ambassador's Perspective on Purina® Hydration Hay®-Debbie Hubbard

Purina® Hydration Hay® Original Horse Hay Block Soaking 10-Min Time-lapse

A Veterinarian's Perspective on Purina® Hydration Hay®- Dr. Stu Robson

Beezie Madden on Ration Balancing Feed – Purina® ambassador Beezie Madden, World Cup Champion and two time gold medalist, shares why she feeds Enrich Plus® Ration Balancing Feed as part of her nutrition program

Chris Hickey Explains Horse Hydration on the Road - Chris Hickey, Purina® ambassador and director of training at Hilltop Farm, Inc., shares why he uses Purina® Hydration Hay® Blocks to support hydration at home and on the road.

Purina® Hydration Hay®

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