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Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Click the above image to download a pdf which you can print, fold and keep in your wallet.

What would you do with your pets if you were unexpectedly hospitalized? Did you know that the average length of stay in the hospital in New Mexico is 3.5 days? You never know when disaster will strike, so it's best to be prepared. We have a few ways to help make sure your pets are cared for in the event that something bad does happen. Create a plan using the following steps:

Make an emergency supply bin

  • 3-7 days of wet or dry food

  • Rotate your dry food every 2 months

  • 3 days of water - 1 gallon per pet per day is recommended

  • Additional medications your pet may require

  • Leash and collar

  • Entertainment for your pet

  • A designated caregiver

  • Vet conact information

Create an action plan

  • Does your pet have access to food and water in the event of an emergency?

  • Does your pet have an identification tag?

  • Do you have a designated caregiver for your pet?

  • Get your pet microchipped

Write it down

  • Make a list of 3 people (along with contact information) who would be willing to care for your pet in the event of an emergency.

  • Write vet contact information

  • Create a list of medications and dosages for your pets.


Did you know?

  • The average lenght of stay in the hospital for those 65 years or older within New Mexico is 4 days.

  • The average cost of a hospital stay within New Mexico is $2,041.

  • The average cost of boarding a pet at a private facility is approximately $25 a day per pet.

  • Within Doña Ana County in 2012, there were 1,908 animal surrenders.

  • In a survey conducted by NMSU nursing students in 2014, a majority of people did not have a clear emergency plan for their pets.

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