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How To: Switch Dog Foods

There are many reasons to switch your dog food. A recent diagnosis from a vet, recent weight gain or loss, switching between puppy, adult and senior. Either way, we have some suggestions to make it easier for your dog.

Some dogs won't need this recommendation. They have iron stomachs. Other dogs are just looking for an excuse to be sick all over your beautiful (too light) carpet - how do they always ignore the tile?!

If you know your dog is a little sensitive, here's what we recommend:

  • Do the transition over 10+ days.

  • For 3 days mix 1/3 of the new food and 2/3 of the old food.

  • The next 3 days do a half and half mixture.

  • The following 3 days, mix 1/3 of the old food to 2/3 of the new food.

  • Do this until you run out of your old food.

If your doctor recommends that you switch foods immediately (diabetes, thyroid, for example) always follow their instruction.

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