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Featured Product: SayWhoa!

SayWhoa! is a product which helps prevent colic in horses. If they have colic, it helps relieve it. It also helps calm runny stools when horses are nervous. It relieves impaction, light sand, gas and spasms.


  • Safe for horses of any size or weight. Safe for lactating mares or foal performance horses. Horses will test drug free.

  • In-home treatment.

  • Easy dosage: squeeze in mouth. Oral dosing syringe included.

  • Digestive sounds return quickly

  • Eliminates nasal tubing

  • Store at room temperature. May adapt to temperatures between freezing and 115 F. Keeps in liquid solution down to 0 degrees. If product freezes, thaw out and use. Will not affect the product. Keep out of the reach of children.

  • 5 year shelf-life

After the horse swallows, the formula is quickly absorbed and enters into the bloodstream. These ingredients work with the horse’s body where fluids are drawn into the intestinal tract which soften and break apart the impaction. Then the ionic solution stimulates the bowel muscle. motility (peristalsis) is returned to normal.

SayWhoa! vs NSAIDs Drugs

NSAIDs drugs perform a few actions. They relieve pain and relax muscles. Relaxing smooth muscles doesn't help with elimination. Peristalsis (which is needed to move impactions through) is halted. SayWhoa! is not a drug. It does not contain pain reliever or muscle relaxant properties. No pain medications are needed since relief starts within minutes. Through osmosis fluids return to the gut. Gut sounds are heard because peristalsis has returned. Horses usually start eating within 1 to 2 hours.


After administering the product, your horse will appear to be improving. You should hear returning and/or stronger bowel sounds, on both sides, and your horse should want to eat in 1 to 2 hours – if this is a normal bout. However, if after waiting for 30 minutes, no sounds return and your horse does not appear better, then your horse may be having an abnormal bout and may require a vet.

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